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Air traffic controller Training School
State Flight Academy Of Ukraine :
Air Traffic Control Simulator Centre

The Simulator Centre of the State Flight Academy of Ukraine is aimed to provide the ATC personnel high level training. The simulator training is an integral and compulsory part of ATCO study process.
State Flight Academy Ukraine Air traffic Controller Simulator
The development of the tasks and exercises for simulator training and their following implementation into practice is realized by the Methodical Unit. The experienced specialists in methodical and computer provision design the ATC area and situations in correspondence with the training program. The Methodical Unit co-operates closely with ATC and Foreign Languages Training Departments on the points of implementation of ICAO Rules and Procedures into practical training programs.

40% of the simulator training is carried out using English aviation phraseology; therefore, the instructors of Foreign Languages Training Department conduct the Aviation English lessons for ATC simulator instructors.

The ATC Simulator Centre operates in compliance with the "Rules of English Language Radio Communication" and ICAO Doc. 9432.

The simulator training programs are updated regularly as new documents, regulations and recommendations become available, to improve the training quality achieve the high level of ATCO professional reliability in normal and abnormal conditions.

Director of ATC SC - L. Tarasenko
Tel: (0522) 29-47-29
Email :


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