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Air traffic controllers training, Flight planning, Flight Safety training faculty
Dean of the ATS faculty, PhD


Flight Planning, Flight Servicing training school
State Flight Academy Of Ukraine :
Air Traffic Servicing Faculty

The term of training is five years


Air Traffic Controllers Training 1. Air Traffic Control.

Air Traffic Controllers training for airways and aerodrome control is conducted.

2. Aeronavigation Information Flight Servicing and Flight Planning.

The graduates are able to:
- gather, prepare and process the documents for flight crews;
- calculate and plan the flights;
- hold the pre-flight briefing;
- co-operate with the adjacent services and organizations to co-ordinate the plans.

Emergency Servicing and Aviation Safety3. Emergency Servicing and Aviation Safety.

The graduates make incidents forecasting and develop the recommendations for safety flying, conduct search and rescue operations, passport and customs control etc.

4. Computer Servicing of the Flight.

Computer servicing officer solves the following tasks:

- organization and operation of automated information systems at aviation companies and AIS.
- aeronavigation information flight servicing and flight planning


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